About Sankalp

Sankalp is a well-diversified, value driven enterprise. We serve Global clients; we enable our clients with productive business solutions to get the focus on their customers & business more effectively. We are specialized in developing Direct marketing software, E-commerce solution, Non-Banking Software’s & Mobile Apps.

The story begun in 2001 when Sankalp Computer and Systems Pvt. Ltd. was founded in Pune by two determined individuals. 15 years down the line Sankalp has been dedicated to provide products & services that are value for money.

We keep in mind the benefits of global users while developing any of our products or solutions. We empower our customers to achieve sustainable differential advantage over their competitors by improving consistency, speed and core of our applications.

Sankalp believes in creating strategic long-term client associations. Our widespread range of products & offering brings unparalleled experience for our clients & it has been proved by our Gratified clients in more than 35 countries.

Sankalp is dedicated to deliver creativity & technology with proficient methodology across the world. We never run to be the best, our interest & willing is to be the most distinctive. We have marked our impression in different- different Industry.

Our Association

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT)

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