Features of NBFC Software

Real Time Software

Complete web based Real Time Software

As a web based real time system, it can be accessed from anywhere and anytime which makes the system more reactive in nature minimizing response time.

SMS & Email System

Integrated with real time Mobile SMS & Email system

Real Time Mobile SMS & Email can be sent on any action that ensures Members about completion of task.

Referral Program Plans

Can Integrated with all types of Referral Program Plans

Our NBFC Software supports several different Referral Program structures, allowing you to create virtually any type of down line structure.You can define different amounts for each member type, and the commission can be added to anyone you would like such as the member's sponsor, up line, a specific member, the member themselves, and so on.


Customizable as per client’s requirement

The NBFC software provides complete flexibility over almost every aspect of your business requirement by customization. The software will be personalized with great ease and all as per the client’s requirement.

Multi User

Multi user system for more security & transparency

With NBFC Software, you can set user rights to a specific administrator, on the basis of user rights and multi user system, particular access can be provided to any individual/admin.

Live Technical Support

Live Technical support through dedicated Support Center

Provide efficient customer support with the easy to use interface developed to handle support requests.

Robust System

Robust system being tested for Millions of records

Our NBFC Software has already been tested upon huge database and complex data, making the system more robust and powerful.

Exporting the Reports

Facility of exporting the reports into Microsoft Excel, Word, PDF

The reports can be readily exported in different formats which ensure easy availability of data; this data can also serve as a backup for future reference.

MIS Reports

Customizable MIS reports

Several detailed reports are available, allowing you to oversee the progress of your entire organization. All reports are in real-time basis. For e.g. Agent Details, Investors Details, Investments and Maturity report of Customers, Growth report, Transaction report and much more.